Sport Management Game


A realistic sport management game for boxing. The game was inspired by my fascination with a sport of boxing and my love for football manager game franchise.

A lot of research and effort went into and keep going into this game. What started as a computer science graduate project has turned into a game that has been played by hundreds.

The game has deep boxing strategies, player on player and player vs AI fighting matches are both turned based and in real time. There are boxers to sign and train and cheer up, media to manipulate the mind of your opponents, funds to expand gym and get the best staff. There are partnership to enter, boxing academies to open, tough guys to recruit as boxers, the list just goes on and on in playing the game.

The game is free to play, credits can be purchased and be used to create a 3d model for your boxer. Watch your boxer facial reaction to things happening in his life. Watch him grow older or out or in shape. Credits can also be won in tourneys that happen daily.

Sign up and try Box2Glory for yourself.

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