The Holy World Factbook.

The Holy World Factbook is a tool that uses data from Europa Universalis II game files and user's saved file to give a player a snapshot of their world in similar format to CIA Factbook we all know and love. The Factbook currently 100% fully supports default Grand Campaign and AGCEEP Grand Campaign. However, users with any MOD can use the factbook and get 95% accurate results. Factbook may fully support other popular MODs in a future.

To see the factbook is easy. Just browse to your saved EUII file (the one with .eug extension is .../Save Games/ folder). The click Go. You may have to wait for up to 5 minutes for large file to be uploaded and processed. And one more thing. I do have now a forum availble where you can post links to your factbooks and discuss them or anything on this site for that matter.

Upload your EU2 save file by clicking browse button:
Then -

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