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Hi there, Pav here.

Lesov Games aims to provide the best strategy gaming online for everyone around the world at no cost. My goal is to provide the highest level of realism for our games, thus I reject advertisement on my sites unless I can seamlessly incorporate them.

I do not have the resources required for flashy 3d graphics and instead rely on text, imagery and accuracy to let your imagination create your own world. In some way the heavy reliance of graphics does a disservice to many new strategy games.

The games I create are not easy to get into and harder to master but those that stick around get rewarded by great gaming for years.

I believe in being there for my games, constantly improving, listening to feedback and moving the project forward. Any input, any criticism is welcomed with open arms.

I am a father myself I like to keep my games free of any nasty stuff; while I admit it takes away from realism, it is a compromise that I made with myself from day 1.

contact me directly by email at pav@lesov.com with any questions.

is located in Minnesota, USA

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